Right Time

This is not just about love, but about life as well. I have this favorite song with the title Timelines and it’s by Motion City Soundtrack. It has a line that goes, it’s not a matter of time, it’s just a matter of timing. I guess it’s true, because nobody can tell you that hey, today is the right time.

Well, what if today is the right time? They told you it is … but you messed it all up. That does mean you’re doomed forever because you missed the right time? Of course not! That’s the reason why life is made up of endless chances. There’s no such thing as the right time. We all make bad decisions. We all make mistakes. And that’s where we find the right answers.

Stop waiting for the right time. You’ll never know if it’s right unless you try. Unless you fail. Unless you get hurt. Whether it’s about your career, your adventures, or you falling in love … take the risk.

The right  time for me pertains to the ending of a story. You’ll only know of it’s the right time when you can answer yes to all of these:

  • Are you happy?
  • Did you learn?
  • Do you want to repeat it without changing anything?
  • Are you contented?
  • Are you ready to die?

If there’s a no … then it isn’t the right time yet. It isn’t the end. You still have the chance to achieve your goals. You still have a reason to dream.

Learn that everyday can be a right time for you. To be happy, to improve, to be a better version of you. Take risks … because the best things and the best people in life are worth the risk for and not worth waiting for. 😉

I Lost Another Chapter

(I’ve written this way back 2010.)

Start counting. One, two, three … then what? Nothing to think about … no ideas coming. I’ll wear my headphones, pick a CD, lie down on my bed then turn on the disc man. The song will play over and over until it get stuck on my mind. I’ll check my phone for any messages … there’s none. I’ll get out of my bed. Find the notebook and pen. Think … think  … then I’ll begin to daydream. About the past. About my wishes. About someone special. I’ll look at the clock. It says 1:02am. Everything’s quiet. I can hear nothing, only my breath. I’ll set aside my works. Lie down. Then get up. I’ll turn off the lights. Lie down again. Think of someone … have a little smile … take a deep, deep breath and tell my self it’ll all be fine. I’ll close my eyes. One tear falls … then another one. In a snap, I’m asleep. Guess what?

Another chapter’s gone.


Pamilyar ba sa iyo ang pakiramdam, na gusto at ayaw mo ang isang bagay?

Gusto mo subukan …

Gusto mo malaman …

Pero pilit mong pinipigilan. 


Marahil ay ilang milyong beses nang naitanong sa iyo.

At paulit-ulit lamang ang sagot mo dito.

“Dahil natatakot ako.”

Kung gaano kalakas ang tulak sa damdamin mo,

Ay s’ya ring higpit ng kapit ng puso mo, 

Sa takot na wala namang sasalo dito.

Ito ang unang batas …

Na nagsasabing walang magbabago …

Na hindi ka magbabago …

Hanggat walang nakakapagkumbinsi sa iyo …

Na ligtas ang puso mo,

Kahit gaano pa kalakas na puwersa ang tumulak dito.

Maniwala ka.

May sasalo sa’yo.

Too Shallow, Too Deep

I began writing at the age of seven. Those stories that begins with once upon a time. Those cliché fantasies.

Well, writing isn’t just for journalists, novelists, song writers, and the like. Writing is for all of those who have the heart and mind to share their wildest imaginations, opinions, and as well as theories. It’s for everyone who aim to inspire and those who believe in the power of words. It’s for those who know how to turn their feelings into paragraphs and sentences. For the people who always want to remember.

It doesn’t matter what kinds of words you use. It doesn’t matter how deep or hidden the thought might be. It doesn’t matter how shallow your opinion is. What matters is you write with an open mind

Being a writer means being open to criticisms and other people’s opinion. It means giving your self a room to grow and improve everyday.

A good writer is a good observer. If you can let your readers smell the flowers through your writings, then I bet it’s easy for you to let them feel the thrill of flying even when you have never tried it before.

I write to inspire … I inspire to write.

Biyernes ng Gabi

Tahimik ang paligid, at tila handa ng makinig sa kung ano mang dahilan ang nagdudulot ng sakit sa iyong damdamin.

Nagtataka kung bakit malungkot ang iyong mga mata. Nagtatanong pa kahit ang sagot nama’y alam na.


Ang rason sa walang kamatayan mong pagluha gabi-gabi. Ang dahilan ng pagkawala ng iyong mga ngiti.

Ngunit wala sa pagkawasak ng iyong puso ang sakit. Ito’y nasa pag-alala ng lahat ng masasayang araw ninyong magkasama. Ito’y nasa mga alaala ng inyong nakaraan na pilit mong kinakalimutan.

Ngunit ito rin ang dahilan kung bakit ka naging masaya noon. Ito ang dahilan ng mga ngiting gumuhit sa iyong labi. Siya ang sagot kung bakit ka masaya.

Na parehong sagot ngayon kung bakit ka lumuluha.

Kalma lang.

Hindi ko sasabihing makakalimutan mo din siya. Pero huwag kang mag alala. Dahil masasanay ka din sa sakit. Na pag lumaon ay parang isang normal na pakiramdam nalang.

Dadating ang panahong hindi ka na luluha.

Magigising ka nalang isang umaga na para bang bago ang lahat ng nasa paligid mo.

At masasabi mong, hindi na masakit. At masisilayan na muli ang iyong pag-ngiti.

At dito mo maiisip na buti nalang minahal mo siya …

Kung hindi ay ‘di mo mararanasan ang ganitong saya.



One word.
But it cuts deep across my chest.

That’s how you made me feel.



Because I don’t have plans.
Because I don’t have long term goals.
Because I’m not like her.
Because I am not her.

Well sometimes I just wonder …
If it even crosses your mind …

That person who’s been there for you.
The one who stayed up late to talk to you.
The one who waited for you.

The one who always told you that you’re an amazing person.
The one who had the courage to show you how much she loves you even when she knew that she won’t be getting the same kind of love back.

But I guess not.

Maybe I’m just really that easy to forget.
Or maybe you just chose not to remember.

But you know what …

I’m happy for you.
For who you’ve become.
For finally achieving your dreams.
For finding the one you could give your world to.

For finally proving your worth …

Even when you left me worthless.