Never Will I Forget

A letter for “J”:

Meeting you for the first time was one of the most awkward moments in my life. I was there sitting on the passenger’s seat of your car. Thinking about what to say or maybe what to ask you. But nothing came up. So I just continuously smiled to everything you said and simply answered all the things you asked. That was almost two years ago but up to this day, I can still clearly remember that moment.

You’re a great friend. Though we haven’t got the chance to hangout that much but I’m glad that I got the chance to see different sides of you.

My first impression of you is that you’re a mysterious guy. You’re quiet and you don’t show emotions that much. Then that changed the moment you started talking to me about arts, poetry, music, books, movies, etc.

I saw how you got drunk. The kind of drunk that you’re unable to stand up and you’re about to throw up and we have to drive you home in that kind of state. Haha

I heard you throw some corny jokes. And that convinced me that hey this guy is a normal person. Haha

I saw you got hurt. Well I felt it. The way you said that you’d never fall in love again. But I doubt it. Knowing you. Haha

I’m sorry if I don’t usually give in to your invites. But there are a few late night roadtrips with you that I won’t forget. And I guess the most that I will always remember is the last.

I didn’t know that you’re going somewhere until that night. It was a good coincidence that I’m on leave at work that day and didn’t have any plans.

It was our usual late night Tagaytay roadtrip. Had dinner then drunk a few bottles of beer after. Talked about random things. But the difference that night was we talked about the past. The unforgettable moments we all had. How happy we were back then. I realized that many things have changed indeed.

I almost cried the moment you hugged me while saying goodbye. I hate goodbyes.

But I’m glad that even though a lot of things happened, and I may have judged you a couple of times, but you still count me in as one of the people you always like to be with. And I swear, I won’t forget our friendship.

Thanks and I hope to see you again.



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I crave for places I've never been to, people I've never met, and foods I've never tasted.

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