2016 Happened

“Two thousand sixteen for me is like a cup of black coffee with sugar.”

I started the year with new people and friends. And I can say that it’s full of firsts.

-First birthday surprise.
-First morning bulalo and drinking session in Tagaytay.
-First time I introduced a guy to my family.
-First mountain climb.
-First time I got drunk so bad that I almost got knocked out. (But im strong. Haha)
-First long drive out of town. (Ilocos)
-And too many cafes and restaurants that I’ve tried for the first time.

Going back to these things made me realize that I’m now a totally different person than who I am in the previous years. Because I somehow learned to step out of my comfort zone even when I know how vulnerable I can get at times.

I’ve met wonderful people … who didn’t judge me the way others did. Those who understood my reserved personality. Those who listened to my silence. Those who effortly dug deep to see my roots. And I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

It may not be a perfect year as it caused me a heartbreak … but the important thing is that the lesson stayed. As I said in the beginning … 2016 is like a cup of black coffee with sugar. It’s my favorite kind of coffee … because it is sweet .. but it never loses its bitterness.

That’s the reality of life. It’s not always that colorful. But the pain and sadness help us realize the true meaning of happiness.

The bitter the coffee, the more energy it gives you. Same as the more it hurts, the stronger you become.

2016 was an awesome year.

I hope that this 2017, everything gets better. I’m looking forward to more breathtaking adventures, more people to meet, more places to discover, and more foods to taste. Let’s all forget the drama. We only live once. 😉

Happy New Year to you!



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I crave for places I've never been to, people I've never met, and foods I've never tasted.

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