I Lost Another Chapter

(I’ve written this way back 2010.)

Start counting. One, two, three … then what? Nothing to think about … no ideas coming. I’ll wear my headphones, pick a CD, lie down on my bed then turn on the disc man. The song will play over and over until it get stuck on my mind. I’ll check my phone for any messages … there’s none. I’ll get out of my bed. Find the notebook and pen. Think … think  … then I’ll begin to daydream. About the past. About my wishes. About someone special. I’ll look at the clock. It says 1:02am. Everything’s quiet. I can hear nothing, only my breath. I’ll set aside my works. Lie down. Then get up. I’ll turn off the lights. Lie down again. Think of someone … have a little smile … take a deep, deep breath and tell my self it’ll all be fine. I’ll close my eyes. One tear falls … then another one. In a snap, I’m asleep. Guess what?

Another chapter’s gone.


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I crave for places I've never been to, people I've never met, and foods I've never tasted.

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