Too Shallow, Too Deep

I began writing at the age of seven. Those stories that begins with once upon a time. Those cliché fantasies.

Well, writing isn’t just for journalists, novelists, song writers, and the like. Writing is for all of those who have the heart and mind to share their wildest imaginations, opinions, and as well as theories. It’s for everyone who aim to inspire and those who believe in the power of words. It’s for those who know how to turn their feelings into paragraphs and sentences. For the people who always want to remember.

It doesn’t matter what kinds of words you use. It doesn’t matter how deep or hidden the thought might be. It doesn’t matter how shallow your opinion is. What matters is you write with an open mind

Being a writer means being open to criticisms and other people’s opinion. It means giving your self a room to grow and improve everyday.

A good writer is a good observer. If you can let your readers smell the flowers through your writings, then I bet it’s easy for you to let them feel the thrill of flying even when you have never tried it before.

I write to inspire … I inspire to write.


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I crave for places I've never been to, people I've never met, and foods I've never tasted.

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