A Matter of Knowing Your Worth

There’s this saying that before you love other people, you should learn to love yourself first. I don’t really understand that before. I don’t understand the concept of loving yourself, and it feels like narcissism for me. But as I grow up, and as I’ve experienced certain heartbreaks, that’s the time I came to realize what it really means. Loving yourself means knowing your worth. It’s figuring out what you really want and what you really deserve. Love is not just about seeing the good in other people. Love is discovering even the worst about a person and accepting it. Some says that, “the better person you are, the better person you’ll attract”, and that, I believe is true. A person worthy of your love should know how to treat you right. By that I mean, not just you, but everything and everyone in your life. But before that, it should start with you. You should know how to treat yourself right, along with everything and everyone in your life. It’s a normal thing to fall in love, but you shouldn’t set aside your morals, values, and principles when you do. Like what I just said, love, is accepting everything about a person, the good and the bad. You shouldn’t change because of it. You shouldn’t break your principles just because you’re in love. If a person truly loves you, he would respect and understand all the aspect in your life. And you should do the same too.

We live in the generation where it’s difficult to find true love. Do you know why? Because it seems like everybody’s looking for it. Hey, I’ll tell you what … if you really know your worth as a person, you won’t be searching for love, because I’ll assure you that it will come, in your happiest days when you aren’t even looking for it.

You are priceless. Always remember that. Use your mind in making decisions. Be practical. Always think about your goals in life, and choose a person who will be willing to make them all come true with you. Never rush things. Get to know yourself. Always be in the best version of you. Show the world how strong you are, and nobody would dare break you apart. Know who you deserve, and who deserves you. 😉


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