If I’m Gonna Fall In Love …

If I’m gonna fall in love
It’s gotta be more than just enough
I gotta get that old feeling
I gotta get that old high

~A Rocket to the Moon

Sometimes I find it really hard to write about love. I mean the positive side of it. Whenever I try to write something about it, I always end up writing about pain and broken hearts. đŸ˜¥ So let me try again. HAHA!

Someday I hope I could write my own love story. From the moment that we’ve met to how I’ve fallen for him. Someday I hope we would hold hands while walking along the streets outside our own house. I hope one day it will be his voice that I will hear first thing in the morning. I hope it will be his smile I’d see when I open my eyes every waking day of my life. One day I hope to sit beside him and watch the sunrise and the sunset.

I hope that one of these days, I would meet him.

I don’t believe in prince charming and knight in shining armor. I don’t believe in finding the perfect person. But I do believe in fate and destiny. I believe in happy ever after.

If I’m going to fall in love, I want it with someone who shares the same faith as I do. Someone who’ll understand me. Someone who’ll accept me warts and all. Someone who’s going to be up the challenge to love me. Someone who’ll listen to my endless rants and stories. Someone who’ll laugh at my corniest jokes. Someone who’ll let me sing along his favorite song on the radio even if my voice is out of tune. Someone who wouldn’t keep secrets. Someone who would respect my parents.

I want us to trust each other. Be a hero to one another. Be the best of friends. Be the best teammates in life. I hope someday we will create a simple but very happy family.

When I meet him … I’ll make sure we’ll be happy. :”)



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I crave for places I've never been to, people I've never met, and foods I've never tasted.

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