Nananahimik ako sa mundo ko,
pero ginulo mo.
Pinilit kong umiwas,
pero sadyang nagtatagpo ang landas.
Ngunit nung nawala ka,
hinahanap-hanap naman kita.
Sinabi mong gusto mo ako,
pero ikaw din ang unang lumayo.

Nananahimik ako sa mundo ko,
pero hinahanap ko ang ingay mo.
Ngayon luha sa pisngi ko’y lumalandas,
sa’yo sana’y di nalang umiwas.
Ngunit tingin ko’y kahit anong sakit,
ika’y tila di na babalik.
Gusto rin naman kita,
hindi ko lang naipakita.


May isang tanong akong nais na sagutin mo.
Hindi ka pa ba napapagod?
Sa paulit-ulit …
Parang isang kalsadang walang hangganan dahil paikot-ikot lang.

Hindi ba’t,
‘Pag ang ulam mo’y paulit-ulit, nakakaumay?
‘Pag ang damit mo’y paulit-ulit, nakakasawa?
‘Pag ang trabaho mo’y paulit-ulit, nakakapagod?
Alam mo ba na ang pag-ibig mo’y parang ulam, damit, at trabahong paulit-ulit?

Ang paulit-ulit mong pangangako ng walang hanggan,
Ngunit paulit-ulit ka rin namang umaalis ng walang paalam.
Ang paulit-ulit mo sa akin pagpapatahan,
Ngunit paulit-ulit mo rin naman akong sinasaktan.

Na paulit-ulit ko na din sinasabi sa sarili ko.
Pagod na ako sa mga paulit-ulit mo.
Paulit-ulit na “mahal kita”, “ikaw lang”, at “walang iba”.
Please naman …
Tama na.

Baka … Isang Araw

Naranasan mo na bang hindi makatulog sa gabi sa kaiisip sa kanya?
Habang siya’y himbing na himbing na,
Ikaw nama’y higa’t bangon sa iyong kama?

Naranasan ko na.

Naranasan mo na ba na maisip siya …
Sa bawat gagawin mo,
Sa bawat musikang maririnig mo,
Sa bawat nobelang babasahin mo,
Sa bawat pelikulang mapapanood mo,
Sa bawat oras, araw, linggo, at buwan mula nang magkakilala kayo?

Hanggang ngayon, nararanasan ko.

Kasabay ng tila marahang pagkurot sa aking dibdib.
Kasabay ng pagpatak ng luha.
Kasabay ng sakit na AKO LANG …
Sa aming dalawa, AKO LANG!

Pero hindi ako mapapagod na magbakasakali na baka isang araw …

Umamin siya …

Na pareho kami ng dinadanas.

Summer: Till We Meet Again

-Have you gone to the beach?
-Hit out of town with your buddies?
-Flew out of the country with the fambam?
-Or are you part of the #TEAMBAHAY? 🙂

Well, no matter how you spent your summer, the important thing is that you enjoyed, you relaxed, and you had a blast!

Summer’s over and it means that we are already halfway through the year. Quite fast isn’t it? Before we knew it, it will be BER months once again.

So back to work! Back to school! Back to the concrete jungle.

So long summer … till we meet again!


The In Betweens

Life, for me, is a very exciting journey. A journey of learning things, travelling to places, and meeting people along the way. Each of us has a story to tell. For me, it’s not how a story began or how it ended. What matters to me is what happened in between that beginning and ending.

All the struggles and sacrifices are in between. The climax of the story is always in between. And I believe that the most exciting part of a person’s life also happens in between.

I don’t like endings. When I read a book and I find it really good and exciting, I don’t want it to end. Even if it ends happily, it still ends. It means it’s done. It’s over. I always want to know about what happens next. I love the chase. I love the challenges. I always want to stay in between.

When two people fall in love, they will always remember how they met and how their love story began. But what will touch them after all the years is about how they made their relationship work. How they became strong for each other. All the moments they made together. Those are all in between.

After the beginning, you will wonder what will happen next. When you reach the end, you will reminisce what had happened. That is why I love the in betweens. It has all the feelings, the ideas, and the memories.


If I’m Gonna Fall In Love …

If I’m gonna fall in love
It’s gotta be more than just enough
I gotta get that old feeling
I gotta get that old high

~A Rocket to the Moon

Sometimes I find it really hard to write about love. I mean the positive side of it. Whenever I try to write something about it, I always end up writing about pain and broken hearts. 😥 So let me try again. HAHA!

Someday I hope I could write my own love story. From the moment that we’ve met to how I’ve fallen for him. Someday I hope we would hold hands while walking along the streets outside our own house. I hope one day it will be his voice that I will hear first thing in the morning. I hope it will be his smile I’d see when I open my eyes every waking day of my life. One day I hope to sit beside him and watch the sunrise and the sunset.

I hope that one of these days, I would meet him.

I don’t believe in prince charming and knight in shining armor. I don’t believe in finding the perfect person. But I do believe in fate and destiny. I believe in happy ever after.

If I’m going to fall in love, I want it with someone who shares the same faith as I do. Someone who’ll understand me. Someone who’ll accept me warts and all. Someone who’s going to be up the challenge to love me. Someone who’ll listen to my endless rants and stories. Someone who’ll laugh at my corniest jokes. Someone who’ll let me sing along his favorite song on the radio even if my voice is out of tune. Someone who wouldn’t keep secrets. Someone who would respect my parents.

I want us to trust each other. Be a hero to one another. Be the best of friends. Be the best teammates in life. I hope someday we will create a simple but very happy family.

When I meet him … I’ll make sure we’ll be happy. :”)


To the Struggling Students: This is For You

“Mahirap! … Nakakapagod! … Nakakatamad!”

I wouldn’t deny the fact that I’ve said that rants, I-don’t-know-how-many-times, way back when I’m still studying. The feeling of being lazy every time I see my pending homework and projects. The agony of choosing between watching television and reviewing for quizzes. The challenge of waking up early everyday. It’s true. Being a student isn’t easy. But being a student is fun, too! Let me give you a list of The Things I Love About Being a Student:

  1. The Tropa/Barkada/Best Friends Moments – well I have to admit, these moments have been the reason why I want to go to school everyday. The break time “tambays” and “kwentuhans”. The after school hangouts like … “Tara punta tayo kina …” or “Foodtrip muna tayo!” I’m telling you, you’re going to miss these moments after graduation.
  2. Si Crush – I do have a lot of crushes way back in my college days. My best friend and I have code names for them! I guess this is another reason why I’m excited to enter our University every single school day. I’m always hoping to see those crushes along the hallway, or maybe in the cafeteria and the library.
  3. Group Projects – yes! I somehow love it whenever we have group projects. Because you get to know more about some of your classmates. And the tasks becomes easier and more enjoyable. Also, you get to go places like, “his house” … “her house” … “their dorm”. There’s also food trip and bonding moments associated with this activity. 😀
  4. Mommy/Daddy/Ate/Kuya Pahingi ng Baon! – super yes! When you’re a student, you have your daily allowance. That’s why you’re so “yamanin” because you can have your savings out of that allowance. I salute the classmates of mine way back who are working students. Because they earn money for their selves. So guys, enjoy your allowance while it lasts. HAHA! When you start working, you’re going to say bye bye to that daily allowance. :))))
  5. Field Trips – well I love going on trips that’s why I love field trips. These are, I guess Elementary and High School days? I’m not sure if they still do this now. What I love about these trips is that they are very educational and fun. When I was in Elementary, I experienced going to the Chips Delight Factory where they gave us free cookies! :))) I’m telling you guys, if your school will have field trips, JOIN! and ENJOY! Plus … your parents are the ones who are going to pay! When you start working, you’ll be paying for your own travel expenses. 😀
  6. My Teachers and Professors- yes, I love them with all my heart! Even though they give hard quizzes and exams and sometimes they get mad at us, I still love them. I treated them as my second parents. They are there not just to teach lessons written in books, but also to teach about lessons in life. They give advice on anything. May it be about family, friendship, and even love life! 😀 I have high respect for them. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to take a step higher each day of my student life.

So for you struggling students out there, just enjoy every moment in school. Do not pressure yourselves about the future. It will come. Just live one day at a time. Read more. Study hard. Earn friends. Explore. Listen. Understand. Learn. HAVE FUN! Do not rush on growing up because there will come a time that you will miss being a student. 🙂